Grandma shares ‘life-changing’ dishwasher hack for drying your kitchenware

Grandma shares ‘life-changing’ dishwasher hack for drying your kitchenware

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a simple yet effective life hack for the dishwasher so that you don’t have to waste time doing any drying up when the load is done

Have you ever put a load through the dishwasher, then gone to empty it, only to find that everything is still really wet.

Well, if you can’t be bothered with the faff of drying up, one woman has a “life-changing” dishwasher hack for you.

Grandma-of-eight and mum-of-four, Babs, has become a TikTok sensation after uploading numerous clips sharing her “wisdom”.

One of her most recent videos featured the dishwasher trick and it’s been viewed more than three million times.

In the video, Babs who posts under @brunchwithbabs, says; ‘Hi it’s Babs, has this ever happened to you?

“You just washed the dishes but everything is still wet.

“No hand drying those dishes. Do this instead.

“At the end of the cleaning cycle, terry cloth dish towel, close the door and wait five minutes.

“You won’t have to hand-dry the dishes.”

As she speaks in the video, Babs can be seen laying the dish towel over the top of the door before she closes it, so that part of the towel is in the dishwasher.

She adds: “Need more mom or grandma advice in your life? Follow along.”

Her video was captioned: “Life-changing dishwasher hack.”

Over 411,000 people liked the clip, with thousands also taking the time to comment, with many thanking her for sharing.

One person said: “I literally have been emptying it every day and leaving them to air dry on the counter.”

Another replied: “What? I never knew this. I literally wait until the next day to unload so I don’t have to dry them off.”

A third added: “Ooohh my, game changer! We ordered a new dishwasher back in March. Still not here. I dry my dishes every dang day. Thank you!”

However there were some who claimed they tried the hack and it didn’t work – or that it would only work for the steam on the outside of the cups and bowls, not any collected inside.