Woman says tip from secret service dad ‘saved her life’ during terrifying encounter

Woman says tip from secret service dad ‘saved her life’ during terrifying encounter

TikTok user Lauren has recounted a terrifying experience with a creepy stranger, in which she believes following her dad’s secret service advice saved her life

Every parent would like to think they’ve imparted some words of wisdom to their children – but how many can say they’ve shared knowledge that has quite literally saved their life?

Luckily for one woman, her dad was in the United States Secret Service, and so he was able to pass down some of the highest quality survival techniques, which ultimately managed to save her from what could’ve been a sinister outcome.

Lauren, who goes by the name of @cardy_couture_boutique on TikTok, took the video sharing app to talk about a terrifying ordeal, in which she was forced to put her survival tactics to good use, just one mile away from her home.

Back in 2014, she was out shopping on a Sunday afternoon, in a store just down the road from her house, when she remembered the invaluable tip from her father: “If you are out shopping and you bump into someone multiple times it is most likely not a coincidence. Question everything. Question everybody.”

This life lesson sprung immediately in Lauren’s mind, when she noticed a man who kept appearing in several different aisles of the store, yet he didn’t have a shopping cart, suggesting he wasn’t actually buying anything at all.

The next time she spotted the man, he was in the women’s clothing aisle, which she thought was a little strange, but by this time he had picked up some curtain rope, which made her think, perhaps he is actually shopping after all.

However, Lauren’s safety senses went into high alert when she began queueing to pay for her shopping, and “felt a strong presence” of someone watching her from behind.

After turning around, she spotted the same man just a couple of people down from her, and decided to “stare him out,” looking for any distinguishable features, such as birth marks or tattoos, just in case anything happened.

Once she was finished paying for her shopping, Lauren took a long look around to make sure the man wasn’t still lingering around, and when she couldn’t see him, she decided to head out to her car.

While she admits she felt “safe” because the location was so busy and so close to home, Lauren said she was hyper aware of the fact that “parking lots and parking garages are one of the most common places where women get taken.”

However, as she walked across the car park, the man appeared once again from behind her, and tried to make conversation with her, telling her he had a job opportunity and asking her to come to his car to pick up a leaflet.

Understandably, this sent Lauren into a “panic mode” and she quickly evaluated her options.

Fortunately, just as they were talking, another car entered the car park and she decided to run over to the car as fast as possible, prompting the man to run off in the other direction, “because there was now going to be someone else be a witness as to what was going on.”

It doesn’t bear thinking about what could’ve happened to Lauren if she had gone to the man’s car, but she believes her dad’s words of wisdom saved her life that day.