Woman ‘crying in car park’ shares heartwarming note dad and teenage daughter left her

Woman ‘crying in car park’ shares heartwarming note dad and teenage daughter left her

A woman having an emotional moment in public shared the very sweet note she received from a dad and daughter, who noticed she was upset while in the same car park

A random act of kindness can transform an utterly rubbish day into something pretty good.

After being the giver or receiver, which is, of course, a nice position to be in, it’s lovely to hear about the good news.

In a world that can feel very filled with gloom and doom, stories of people sharing their small acts of kindness can really help.

In this, the woman on the receiving end of the generous act was very moved – after she was spotted crying in a car park.

The woman had gone to pick up some frozen yoghurt after getting upset and returned to find a $10 dollar bill and a note.

The touching note read, which she uploaded to Reddit, said: “Your fro-yo is on us. We hope tomorrow is a better day.”

Sharing it, the woman explained: “I was crying pulling into a parking spot to treat myself to fro-yo because I was having a day.

“I caught a glimpse of a teenage girl and dad in the car next to me while I was crying. When I came back after eating the fro-yo, their car was gone but this was in my door handle.”

She added: “There’s a LOT going on right now, and I’ve been feeling very bitter and defensive. This gesture melted my heart a bit and helped me feel less bitter.

“It was also fitting because earlier in the day while I was crying and driving, I played an episode of the podcast “Finding Fred” to help ground myself, it’s a great podcast about Mr Rogers.

“They were talking about kindness and empathy and looking out for each other. I had the thought, “why am I always that person to be kind to others and I don’t get it nearly as much in return.” A few hours later this happened.”

She added: “Have a little hope in the world. It’s not a totally terrible place.”

One person wrote: “Yeah hope you have a better day tomorrow. Things always get better.”

The gesture inspired others to do the same, as one person commented: “I need to start carrying cash so If the opportunity comes up that I can do the same.”

“The best part is, everyone, involved felt better in the end. The Dad got to teach a valuable lesson, and the daughter surely learned one,” added another.