Mum catches cat-sitter out after hiring them to look after pet while they go camping

Mum catches cat-sitter out after hiring them to look after pet while they go camping

A mum-of-two shared the extremely awkward conversation she had with her cat-sitter, after hiring her to check up on the family moggie, while they were enjoying a holiday

For people with pets, it can be agonising going on holiday, hoping your beloved creature stays safe.

Whether it’s a rat, ferret, dog or cat – they become family members, and it’s always worrying leaving them behind.

One woman who hired a cat-sitter to look after the family moggie had a very awkward conversation – after the cat accidentally came on the holiday.

But it seems the cat-sitter didn’t know this – leading to an awkward conversation, where the cat-sitter appeared to brazenly lie.

Mum-of-two Meagan, who lives in Idaho, went viral on TikTok after she shared an unexpected update from her camping trip – their cat called Figgy had snuck into the camper van and tagged along.

After initially planning to send her back home with a friend, they decided to let the moggie stay – as she seemed to be enjoying the trip.

In fact, Meagan said she behaved better while camping than she normally does at home – so that’s a plus.

But she left people gobsmacked after sharing a pretty weird exchange she claimed to have with the cat-sitter.

In it, she messaged: “Hey! How’s the cat doing?,” knowing that the moggie had snuck into the caravan, and was on holiday with them.

But the cat-sitter apparently replied: “Great! Just checked on her, she’s so sweet.”

Well, that’s awkward.

Meagan bluntly replied: “She snuck in our camper,” along with a pic of the cheeky cat.

Her video detailing the exchange racked up more than 400,000 views and left viewers reeling at the claim from the cat-sitter.

One viewer commented: “I would totally get a new cat sitter for sure though.”

Another wrote: “The cat sitter probably thought she left the cat out and didn’t want to tell you. She was probably frantically looking for that cat.”

“I’m a pet sitter and I would have said ”I’ve looked everywhere and I know didn’t run out when I walked inside. HELP?!”